Tony Putman Photography Services

     A service devoted to capturing magical images of your beloved dog.        Capturing a well behaved pose, to the funny, crazy faces they pull as they race around having fun. Although the majority of my commissioned shoots are for dogs, I am very happy to undertake shoots of other pets or people.  Please contact me for details.

Each photography session

     Its all about your dog, I try to limit the stress of the dog as much as possible, to capture the best images. As a dog photographer, I do not use a studio, I will only work in the open air. I will work closely with you and your dog, as you will play a very important role too. Everybody I have worked for have very much enjoyed their photography experience. I have a dog myself and he always accompanies me too, unless it will make your dog uncomfortable.
There are two session options available that have been carefully designed to provide you with as much choice and flexibility as possible. When choosing a photo session consider your requirements ( what shots you are hoping for, how many dogs are to be in the shoot etc.) Session fees cover the actual shoot as well as professional image selection and editing. The session fee does not include any products or digital files, unless otherwise stated.